Bill 7 Award

A Post Secondary Scholarship for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Two-Spirited and Queer Students in Ontario.

Bill Baker

Bill Baker

Bill Baker, Founder of Consonant Skincare

Bill and Consonant, his 100% natural skincare company, are long time supporters of the Bill 7 Award.

What’s your involvement/connection with the Bill 7 Trust. (how did it evolve)

I was introduced to the Bill 7 Award and their scholarship awards by one of the Trustees. He educated me on how great the need is for a program like this. My company, Consonant Skincare, has always proudly supported the fundraising goals of Bill 7 Award, and we look forward to continuing to deepen this relationship over time.

Why you think LGBTQ-specific scholarships are important…

While they are growing up, I think LGBTQ youth often experience unique challenges that can negatively impact their ability to successfully obtain a post-secondary education. The scholarships awarded by Bill 7 Award help with the financial challenge, making it easier and less stressful for the recipients to pursue their post-secondary education.

Your message/advice to LGBTQ youth at the post-secondary student phase of their life… 

As corny as it sounds, follow your dreams. They can come true.

Who are the LGBTQ social media influencers you follow/recommend?

I’m a big fan of Phillip Picardi (Insta: @pfpicardi) who is an influential digital editor at Conde Nast publications in the US. He weaves positive LGBTQ messages into his everyday posts. But more exciting, he has recently been named Chief Content Officer for a new LBGTQ Magazine called Them (, which will be launching soon. Their Instagram account has just been set up (@them), so I’m eager to see the gay-positive content.

The one LGBTQ-themed book you’d recommend is?

I think everyone entering the workforce should read Good to Great by James Colins. It’s a well-researched book that cracks the code for business success. Although focused on big organizations, the lessons learned can be applied to virtually every kind of business in virtually any industry.

What is your message to potential donors?

By contributing to Bill 7 Award Trust you’re not just helping send kids to school; you’re helping build more successful companies and communities. There is abundant research that identifies the importance of diversity of thought and personal experience in business. This diversity helps build stronger companies, which in turn build stronger communities. Supporting LGBTQ youth in their efforts to attain post-secondary education ultimately includes their unique personal perspectives in the workplace.  It makes companies and communities stronger.

What is your most memorable Bill 7 moment?

Every Scholarship Award ceremony I have attended has been memorable and moving. Seeing the strength and resilience of the Award recipients, and hearing their stories of triumph is a powerful experience that reminds me of the real difference these scholarships can make in the lives of LGBTQ youth.