Bill 7 Award

A Post Secondary Scholarship for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Two-Spirited and Queer Students in Ontario.

30 x 30

Welcome to our 30 X 30 Anniversary Celebration!

Since our founding in 1987, the LGBTQ student experience sure has changed. Who would have predicted LGBTQ groups on every campus and growing support for transgender students?

Yet challenges remain. Over the next several months we’ll share 30 insightful stories from 30 of our Bill 7 Award advocates – compelling thoughts and words of wisdom for today's LGBTQ students and our future scholarship recipients.


Sylvia Korimsek

Sylvia is a past Bill 7 Award Trustee and continuted supporter of the Bill 7 Award. She is an educator with 33 years teaching experience in the public-school system and is currently a contract lecturer at the Faculty of Children and Youth at Ryerson University.

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Sylvia Korimsek